An Italian icon


It’s been a long time since the birth of a scooter noisy as a wasp (in Italian vespa), as far back as 1946.

After the second world war, Vespa has been the utility vehicle for many Italian families, representing the first mass mean of transport in Italy before the advent of automobiles. But Vespa’s success went over reality, as it appeared in memorable movies such as Roman holiday, Quadrophenia, The talented Mr. Ripley and others.

Italian Giorgio Bettinelli took a trip around the world, travelling for 254,000 km on his Vespa. Many other people are content to less demanding businesses, like participating in several meetings organized in Italy and Europe.

Around lake Garda you will see many Vespa, as it still is ideal for quick trips, feeling the same emotion and sense of freedom that our brothers, fathers and even grandparents felt in the past.

Probably Vespa is not the most common souvenir to take home, but some of Bellerive guests left us taking a piece of Italy with them: a new/old, legendary Vespa.


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