Riva, what else?



From Riva website:

In 1842, Pietro Riva traveled from Laglio, on the banks of Lake Como, Italy to Sarnico, on Lake Iseo, to fix a series of storm damaged boats that everybody else had given up on. A daunting feat, but Pietro was up to the task. Soon, he was attracting attention as a miracle worker.
But with his talents, he didn’t want to just put boats back together – he wanted to build boats that nobody had ever seen before.

By the 1950s, the Riva name, under the leadership of Carlo Riva, became a worldwide symbol of quality, elegance, speed and status.
With Riva’s uncompromising quality and superior materials, this renowned name became the only choice of kings and queens, emperors, princess and sultans, actors and sportsmen, matinee idols, the international jet set and business tycoons worldwide.

Today, celebrities, well-known businessmen, entrepreneurs, fashion stylists and the jet set are still unable to resist the magnetism of a Riva.
If you can afford the best, why not experience the best.

More pictures of gorgeous 86′ Domino, coming soon at Cannes Boat Show here.


One of Bellerive younger guests point of view



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