Bleisure time

Oliver Stone’s new movie is titled “Wall Street: money never sleeps” and will be released next September, as a sequel of 1987  “Wall Street” still with Michael Douglas playing a ruthless businessman.

And if money never sleeps, we imagine that business never goes on holiday. Unless..

Unless you find a place that can give you at once an experience of business, relaxation, good food and much more.

At Bellerive we care for your business, offering a meeting room that combines technology with comfort, with cutting-edge equipment and a tailor made service, fully moulded to your desires.

But we don’t forget to pamper your free time with the best of our attention.

Think of your next meeting, imagine it in a charming corner by the shores of the Gulf of Salò: put some leisure in your business time and let it be.. bleisure.
More info here

Lunch? Aw, You gotta be kidding. Lunch is for wimps
Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas)


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