What a difference a night made

We are extremely glad to introduce you to a great wine from Gardalake: Chiaretto – One night’s wine – from Costaripa winery. This wine comes from a great passion and dedication, and from a very fascinating overnight process.

“Carpe diem”– Every year a split second to jump at: one moment just a single one to catch the best quality of the harvest, cared in all its points and proclaim it. That is the birth of “Chiaretto”, some hours after the grape pressing, in the middle of the night, when winemaster’s experience comes along to separate the must from its skins to state at the same tine, the right nuance and intensity of the colour; the top of fruity flavours development, the profusion of fresh sensations together with the persistence of savory ones show a whole important composition.

Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera grapes have been traditionally grown on Valtenesi morinal hills, which soils are particularly suitable to white wines production, too; the processing method and the wise mix of these red grapes varietals make Chiaretto be a unique product in national wine outlook. Neither a red wine smelling of a white wine, nor a flat rosè but Chiaretto, an umatched wine which collects many values in its outstanding personality. Chiaretto is the “overnight’s wine” to drink all year long.

Don’t miss the occasion to discover this extraordinary wine at our Restaurant 100KM: its flavours mix perfectly with our Chef’s summer menù.



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