And the winner is..

Referring to our Monday poll posted on Oct. 18, we are glad to announce that Food & Wine seem to be the thing tourists love the most about Italy.

So we wonder..
Is it for our first courses like trenette al pesto, tortellini, lasagne, spaghetti alla carbonara or a savory risotto..?
Or maybe you voted thinking of our great fish and seafood, our Prosciutto di Parma and other cold cuts or extraordinary cheese like parmigiano, mozzarella and many others?
Or you prefer cakes like crostata, tiramisù, cassata siciliana..

Oh, wines! Let’s talk about Amarone, Barolo, Chianti – but probably it is not necessary to continue this inviting alphabet.

The mystery remains unsolved. The only certainty is that at the end of this post our mouth waters.