Ageless fun

Gardalake to be discovered with friends aboard a Vespa!
But what more can we tell about Vespa that wasn’t on our post An Italian icon?

Well..  Vespa world has been recently enriched by great news: the arrival of a new model created to celebrate three decades of history.

Vespa is 30 years old and has been sold in 3 million items worldwide from 1977. Wonderful years when so many people could travel, enjoy, explore, always with the spirit of their twenties as showed in this awesome vintage gallery.

Get in touch with Vespa world!
Piaggio Museum & Gift Shop
is adjacent to the plant in central Pontedera, Tuscany. The permanent exhibition includes those items which toured venues such as the Guggenheim in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Also on display is a model personally customised by Salvador Dalí in 1962.

PS: don’t you find this model in Bellerive blue delightful?


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