Interior and innovation according to Bellerive

The last issue of ACasa Mood Magazine talks about Hotel Bellerive.

All the details that make our Hotel a special place to stay told in these pages: from the aromatic garden to the photography wall display in the lobby.

Interior and innovation according to Bellerive.



Tiramisu’ recipe


As per the many requests he had our Chef Nicola Forti is delighted to share his recipe of the most known italian dessert: il tiramisu’. This is his version, it is very easy to realize … and we hope you will share with us the picture of your creation.

The ingredients

6 egg yolks

130 gr of sugar

50 ml of espresso coffee with sugar

Rum or other liquor to taste

180 gr. mascarpone cheese

200 gr. whipping cream

cacao powder

Savoiardi biscuits to taste

The recipe

Beat egg yolks (not cold) with sugar, slowly add mascarpone cheese (very softly) and at last the whipping cream very slowly (better with a movement from the bottom to the top.

Lightly soak the Savoiardi biscuits into the coffee one at the time. Place them in a container creating a layer. Then distibute the cream all over the layer. Repeat until you have finished your ingredients. Finish with a layer of cream and sprinkle with cocoa powder. Put into the fridge for around 3-4 hours.

Enjoy your tiramisu’!

Monday mood

Confetture bio

Monday mood be like…. sweet! We are proud to display every morning on our breakfast buffet these marvelous organic marmalades. They are produced in an organic farm which is few kilometers far from Hotel Bellerive. It means that these jams are healthy for those who eat them and for the environment as well.