Just the two of us …


Today’s Italian singers

Today’s Italian singers grew up in a time when opera began to recede from the national conversation but, nonetheless, they were able to see and hear some real giants. To name but a few who are still with us and, in some cases, teaching: Carlo Bergonzi, Fiorenza Cossotto, Mirella FreniKatia Ricciarelli, and Renata Scotto. All of them combined superb training, an innate sense of musical and linguistic phrasing, and a stage personality.

May thrills

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After 54 years we still can feel the thrill of that magic moment: Mille Miglia, the open-road endurance race from Brescia to Rome and back is coming to the end with an Italian triumph. 

In 1957 Piero Taruffi in front of Wolfgang Von Trips wins last historical Mille Miglia driving a Ferrari 315 Sport.

2011 edition starting May 12 will recall same emotions with teams from all over the world, and gorgeour vintage cars.

To this timeless passion we dedicate our May Wallpaper. Download it now!

April beauties

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“Art is man’s expression of his joy in labor” said Henry A. Kissinger

So.. let us introduce you to Liù, a new and amazing beauty amongst Bellerive beauties that will keep you company for the month of April with our wallpaper calendar.

This work of art by Giuseppe Rivadossi and a new Spring menù will enhance the unique experience of an evening at our Restaurant 100KM.

March choices

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Choose your favourite table coffee book while relaxing in Bellerive elegant lobby, after a walk by the lake with the smell of Spring already in the air.

Choose your favorite piece among the works of a great and versatile artist: Henri Matisse. In exposure in Brescia 180 works like paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings and gouaches découpées.

Choose your best golfing mates and come to lake Garda for first exciting tournaments of the year. At Bellerive you will find a chilled glass of Champagne waiting for you throughout the month with  “Golf & Champagne”.

Choose March to start discovering wonderful gulf of Salò.

February inspirations

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Be inspired by a walk along the lake which is now so evocative and quiet.
Be touched by a landscape rich in character.
Be amazed by our warm welcome at Bellerive.
And be surprised by the special rates we have reserved for those who are able to discover the beauty of a charming environment in every single seasons.

Yes, we are open!
From February 1 profitable rates in our “Waiting for Spring” offer, a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Bellerive and the extraordinary surroundings we are located in.

Good news and a beautiful Gardalake wallpaper for your pc: this month could not have begun better.

2011 wishes

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Tonight is the night: with family or friends, or with your lover.. waiting for midnight to welcome 2011.

Good intentions, hopes, dreams: everything is entrusted to the magic moment when we all close our eyes and make a wish, just like when we were kids wishing on dandelions.

With our January wallpaper calendar we wish you a new year full of smiles and serenity, and wishes come true.

November gathering

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A walk in the hills, fresh air to breath, wonderful views to enjoy, and charming silence to listen to: a season full of suggestions!

And every walk might bring surprises, like a rich haul of chestnuts: great to decorate your table and perfect for tasty autumnal recipes.

Moreover, the wise and thoughtful grandmother’s remedies suggest to hold a chestnut in the pocket to take the cold away: will it work keeping the image on computer desktop, too?

Well.. we  still don’t know, but we want to offer you this basket of chestnuts as November Wallpaper calendar.



October adventurous men

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A sailor in our October wallpaper calendar. A man who knows the wind and is aware of where he wants to get.

His ship pointed toward the gulf of Salò, and the sailor is now a decoration that just reached the other pieces of art at the Bellerive.

Put a little bit of Bellerive on your computer: click on the picture and download our monthly calendar.