Mystery on lake Garda

La Venere di SalòToday we are giving a suggestion to blog readers who want to know Salò in a different and compelling way: a detective story that will keep you good company through autumn nights.

Salò, Winter 1944. While the last fires raging Social Republic, a serial killer adds its own violence to those of the SS and Black Brigades.

But this really is a psychopath or a motive to conceal his murders rational? And who has stolen “The Venus of Salò”, a priceless painting by Titian at the center of many interests unmentionable? Many, too many questions for a mystery that can only be revealed by one man: Martin Bora, the legendary soldier-detective created by Ben Pastor. Finally out, the sixth novel of a series of yellow historians has captivated audiences internationally.

Ben Pastor – La venere di Salò