Red (and Italian) passion

December in 2011 Campari Calendar

Let’s start thinking about a new calendar to accompany our days for the entire 2011. What’s new around?

Not only beautiful women: for the first time a man (and what a man!) appears on stylish Campari Calendar by photographer Michael Comte.

Benicio Del Toro (in Ermenegildo Zegna clothing) is the guest star in 2011 edition of this beautiful opera in a movie style, that treats images as the pieces of a puzzle, and as the best thriller is made gradually, month after month.

But men will not be disappointed as Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and Olga Kurylenko will appear in amazing photographs.

Adventure, intrigue, and a beautiful woman to carry to safety: “The red affair” is released in a limited edition of  9,999 copies.
See more on Campari website.

PS: at Bellerive we all love it! and that’s for Campari, Benicio and Italian Style.

Everybody loves pirlo


Pirlo is our typical local aperitif based sparkling white wine, Campari (or Aperol) and soda – the equivalent of Venetian Spritz. Tasting Pirlo is usually in late afternoon, before dinner, but accordingly to our barman, we would say it could drink it anytime..!

You can do it at your home: blend 3/10 of a Bitter Campari or Aperol, 3/10 of white wine and 3/10 of soda or mineral water. Finally add lemon or orange rind.

But remember: pirlo is best served at Bellerive Wine bar, Cafè del Porto.