Food like Art at Hotel Bellerive

Primo piatto Chef Nicola Forti

Food is like Art at Hotel Bellerive. This is a delicious first course created by our Chef Nicola Forti.

Taste is always the most important thing, but why not to delight the eyes too?

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If you are one of those “chocolate-addicted” you definitively have to come to Salo’ from the 23rd to the 25th of March for this delicious chocolate tasting.

Take few steps from the Bellerive and you are on the lake-side promenade where this tempting tour will take place.

This is not the time for a diet…. this is the time for enjoying life!

100KM e I Quattro (Cheese temptation)

The “Terroir bresciano” is very rich in food excellences and we want just the best for our guests.

From the combination of these two elements we have selected four extraordinary cheeses that you can taste, just at Bellerive, combined to Garda’s extra virgin olive oil,  home-made mustard and a glass of a great Garda’s redwine.

Stracchino nostrano di latte di vacca, Formaggella di capra di Bagolino (very rare), Tombea della Valvestino “Praa di Denai” and Il “Bagòss” – estivo

You’ll be swept away by great flavours & sensations that will make you forget the cold outside and just hope that nobody will take the last slice you have put your eyes on!

Happy Lunch at Bellerive

Would you ever had imagined to find an Hotel in Italy with a Restaurant opened for lunch until 5 pm? Well… at Bellerive this happens for real. You can ask for your lunch to be served in the Terrace or by the Pool till 5 pm (last order). Bucatini all’amatriciana, Spaghetti alla puttanesca, Rigatoni al basilico, Caprese con mozzarella di bufala, Fritto di verdura all’italiana, Salmone marinato and our outstanding home-made Ice-cream. All the best of the traditional italian cuisine for our beloved guests!

What chutney are you?

There is no better time to prepare canned fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed all year: the gifts of nature are preserved according to Grandma recipe to be served in tasty combinations.

That’s what’s happening in Restaurant 100KM kitchen, where Chef Fabrizio Garatti creates new combinations with traditional recipes.

Need some tips? Here are our favourite compotes:

  • Quinces, a sauce for refined gourmet culinary combinations – It masterfully combines with cheese, game, roasted meat.
  • Onion and Modena Balsamic Vinegar –  Excellent with red meats and mature cheese.
  • Eggplant and ginger – to be enjoyed with cheeses such as Brie.
  • Rose Hips – excellent in combination with salty foods but also sweets.
  • Pumpkin and persimmon – to be served with cheese and spicy sausage as well.

Pamper yourself with all the flavors that November can offer!