Big ideas in small bites

Restaurant 100KM, Chef Fabrizio Garatti – Lobster and tomato confit amouse bouche

It is small but tasty and carefully prepared by our Chef Fabrizio Garatti: an amouse bouche offered to start your dinner the best way.

The term is French, literally translated to “mouth amuser“, for bouche means mouth and amuser is “to amuse” or “to please”. And your mouth will be totally pleased with this delicious bite!

Every night a different one, new taste combinations for the most inviting way to start dinner at our Restaurant 100KM at the Bellerive

An introduction to Taste

90 seconds are definitely not enough to introduce you to an Experience.

A journey through taste in an atmosphere where everything is conceived to give a moment of pleasure for your senses: our Restaurant 100 Km is an experience we do hope you will try soon.

Diet starts Monday

Ristorante 100 Km

It’s a beautiful sunny weekend in Salò, and it is a great time to indulge in relaxing walks, romantic views and delicious temptations.

From the new Autumn Menu, our Restaurant 100 KM invites you to try this inviting proposal: wholemeal flour pappardelle with cheese fondue, savoy cabbage, potatoes and Croutin.

Just enjoy this atmosphere with your 5 senses, and do not worry: diet starts Monday.

Wouldn’t you agree?

“The best things in life are either illegal, immoral or fattening” George Bernard Shaw

Some delicious sweets from fireworks night buffet (click on pictures to enlarge).

Ristorante 100 Km, Chef Fabrizio Garatti