Meet Wynton in Gardone

Who gave you your first trumpet?
“I got my first trumpet when I was six from Al Hirt. My father was playing piano in his band, and as a Christmas present I received a trumpet – a LeBlanc.”

Do you know everything there is to know about trumpet playing?
There’s so much to know, it’s hard to know everything about anything. There’s so much to know, period.

What is the best advice another musician has ever given you?
One time Sweets Edison told me “Don’t play like you’re trying to prove that you can play. You can play.”


He is just great. In his personality, and of course in his huge talent.

July 16 awaits you for a unique experience: a summer night in an absolutely extraordinary venue, and great music by Wynton Marsalis.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss it for anything.


16 July 2011
Wynton Marsalis & Lincoln Center Orchestra
Anfiteatro del Vittoriale, Gardone Riviera – 5 min. from Bellerive – Book your room now!

Vintage by the shore

The visual celebration of the daily history of the golden years of design and fashion.

The conquest of color and culture in the mass production of objects and furniture in plastic, the craftsmanship in fashion and the beauty of design paths.

Get in touch with the rustle and the brightness of the textures of fabrics, and discover craftsmanship applied to the various accessories.
This and much more during a huge in a stunning setting: Gardone Riviera and contemporaneously on Isola del Garda (5 min. from Bellerive!)

A must for lovers of vintage!

Meet an étoile in Gardone

Eleonora Abbagnato, amazing première danseuse at the Opèra in Paris, has built an impressive career and performed in the most important international theatres.

Along with Carla Fracci and Alessandra Ferri, Eleonora Abbagnato is the Italian ballet dancer who has reached the highest peaks of international fame, therefore you should not miss the chance to see her dance in a magic night.

In the spectacular setting of Vittoriale (Gardone Riviera – 5 min from Bellerive), Eleonora Abbagnato will perform on July 3, 2011 for “Premio d’Annunzio”:
be prepared for an evening full of emotions and feelings.

Les jardins féeriques

Les Jardins Feeriques

This weekend there will be an extraordinary event in Salò and the surrounding area.

Les Jardins Féeriques (the enchanting gardens) to know flowers and precious plants, examples of natural productions, visits to historic gardens in the area, art exhibitions, conferences, workshops and seminars related to the world of green and botany.

Don’t miss a unique occasion to see Salò in a beautiful green dress: Hotel Bellerive has special offers for your stay!

For information and bookings:

email or call 0039 0365 520410

Les Jardins Féeriques