All you need is a coat


Every season has its peculiarities, and around Lake Garda surprises never end.

A tasty opportunity to know Salò in this season is the event to be held Saturday, November 7th: chestnuts and new wine to be enjoyed in the center of Salò, for an afternoon discovering the flavors of autumn.

And then shopping, walks, foliage (see post below) and back to Bellerive for a relaxing evening in a warm and elegant atmosphere. Don’t miss our Autumn Deals to book your best value room.

Come watch the sky with me

Starry night

The starry night – Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Orionids is the name of  a celestial body, whose orbit intersects twice earth’s one: this is why Orionidi are observable in the Autumn and Aquaridi in Spring. Meteors are typically faint light, mixed with occasional fireballs. In 2009, the radiant of the Orionids, observable after midnight, will be at the higher altitude (about 65 °) at dawn.

The night between 21 and 22 October this year will be very favorable for both complete absence of moonlight and the highest number of meteors at night.

Two good reasons to come to Bellerive in Autumn if you take advantage of our last minute offer.