Good bye Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia 2013:3

Another wonderful edition of the most beautiful car race in the world is gone.

As usual it has been amazing. Can’t wait for the next edition to come!

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We ♥ Mille Miglia

The fact that we are in 2012 is witnessed, ladies and gentlemen, by the upcoming new edition of the Mille Miglia “the most beautiful race of the world” as Enzo Ferrari used to call it.

Have a look at the official page of the Mille Miglia to see what’s the schedule of the event.

Here at Bellerive we are all very excited; we can’t wait to see our beloved guests and friends showing up with their spectacular cars. We ♥ Mille Miglia.

May thrills

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After 54 years we still can feel the thrill of that magic moment: Mille Miglia, the open-road endurance race from Brescia to Rome and back is coming to the end with an Italian triumph. 

In 1957 Piero Taruffi in front of Wolfgang Von Trips wins last historical Mille Miglia driving a Ferrari 315 Sport.

2011 edition starting May 12 will recall same emotions with teams from all over the world, and gorgeour vintage cars.

To this timeless passion we dedicate our May Wallpaper. Download it now!

It’s auction time!

Waiting for the race to start, a unique event to start feeling the emotions that beautiful oldtimer cars can give: on May 11, just one day before the beginning of Mille Miglia 2011, Brescia will host the First Mille Miglia Lankes Auction.

Exclusively reserved to Mille Miglia eligible cars, this auction will offer an excellent selection of finest exclusive Mille Miglia racing cars, trophies, rare badges, automobilia and original paintings.

A unique opportunity to offer your treasures at the best location for classic car auctions worldwide.

Need more info? Click here to visit Lankes website.

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Millemiglia 2010 – Part 5

Part 5 – The final

“The legend and the dream”: Brescia – Roma – Brescia mile after mile

Out of the paddock, it’s time to race!
Meet some very special Guests from 2010 edition: David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen, Jacky Ickx, Jackie Stewart,  Jason Kay and many others

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Millemiglia 2010 – Part 4

Part 4 – Cars presentation, interviews, special guests, an introduction from Mille Miglia Chairman – with comment in Italian

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Don’t miss Part 5 with a great final: out of the paddock, it’s time to race! See you on December 21!