Traffic jam

Today we start a new section of this blog called “Only at Bellerive“, and you will soon understand the reason of this choice.

It’s quite unusual to open the window in the morning and be happy just to see some traffic! Well.. it could happen to you too, but.. only at Bellerive!

Enjoy a regatta right from your balcony!
lake view rooms are “La Golfo Blu”, “La Blu Portofino”, “La Bellerive” and gorgeous Suites “Le Tre Paperelle”.

Unforgettable view

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Eighteen hamlets: one in the river, the others scattered on a bustling plateau, set on hills of incomparable scenic beauty dominating Garda Lake.

Today we want to introduce you to Tremosine, located in the heart of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, which embodies the very essence and collects all the qualities of natural and environmental the nature reserve.

The higher mountains of the park are mixed with the blue of Lake Garda, offering scenes that have no equal.

40 km from Salò, reach Tremosine your favourite way:

  • car, driving along Gardesana Occidentale, trying exciting detours
  • private motorboat with driver, for an amazing point of view, discovering breathtaking corners
  • bus, line Riva-Desenzano, to reach Tremosine in less than 1 hour

Need some more tips?

Ask Bellerive Concierge: at your disposal to make your holiday unforgettable.

Far, close, closer

A view from room “La Bellerive” balcony (click on pictures to enlarge)