We feel the spring…. that’s why our brand new front-desk uniform is composed by a blu (the Bellerive colour) tailleur and a lovely flowers and light blue fantasy silk foulard that really remember this season….

We hope you like it!

It’s just the beginning!

If you think that, with the end of the Summer, all best scenaries are over….. probably you never visited us in autumn or winter. Now it’s the best moment of the year for those who are seeking for peaceful moments and the most amazing landascapes. Beautiful colours, the water of the lake flat and quiet, the clear sunsets and the bright dawns. Take a last break before the Christmas frenzy, come to Bellerive with the advantage of our “Autumn feelings” rates …. we cannot wait to welcome you back!


Someone is not afraid to swim right after lunch (click on pictures to enlarge)

October surprises

ottobre wall

(click on picture to download it full size)

A new wallpaper calendar for our blog readers!

There are so many surprises that October can give: not only rain, but also poetic landscapes, gourmet events, unexpectedly warm days.

Let’s find out day after day! Here is our October calendar, with a picture from Bellerive garden.

Go blue

The average temperature in these days is around 27°C, ideal for a swim in our pool!

(click on pictures to enlarge)