July shades of green

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Luxuriant and extraordinary vegetation is the setting for this month: olive trees, grapevines, agave and many other gifts of nature await you in this corner of Mediterranean.

To lavender and olive from Bellerive garden we dedicate our July wallpaper: a month full of extraordinary scents and colors to be discovered on Lake Garda is about to begin.

Juliet’s favourite spot

A delightful corner of Bellerive garden, even more flowered in this wonderful season. Flowerpots to treat every day with dedication being reciprocated by beautiful colors and scents.

And ivy gives colour and beauty, and frames a small balcony, where we imagine Juliet would have loved to lean out.

During your stay at Bellerive don’t forget to visit Juliet House in Verona: you will see all the places where Shakespeare imagined the world’s most popular romance.

October surprises

ottobre wall

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A new wallpaper calendar for our blog readers!

There are so many surprises that October can give: not only rain, but also poetic landscapes, gourmet events, unexpectedly warm days.

Let’s find out day after day! Here is our October calendar, with a picture from Bellerive garden.

Les jardins féeriques

Les Jardins Feeriques

This weekend there will be an extraordinary event in Salò and the surrounding area.

Les Jardins Féeriques (the enchanting gardens) to know flowers and precious plants, examples of natural productions, visits to historic gardens in the area, art exhibitions, conferences, workshops and seminars related to the world of green and botany.

Don’t miss a unique occasion to see Salò in a beautiful green dress: Hotel Bellerive has special offers for your stay!

For information and bookings:

email info@hotelbellerive.it or call 0039 0365 520410

Les Jardins Féeriques

Fashion for (all) women


It is a fact: every woman loves fashion.

Above and in the gallery:

stylish ladies from Bellerive private collection (click on pictures to enlarge)